If you are having trouble with the Johns Hopkins Advanced Studies in Nursing Web site, please first review the list of frequently asked questions below. If the problem you are having is not addressed here, then please contact us by e-mail at webmaster@jhasin.com or by phone at 908-253-9001 (Mon.-Fri. 9 AM to 5 PM, EDT).


The font size is too small for me to read. Can I make it larger?
The fonts used at this site have variable sizes that can be changed easily using the settings in your web browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, pull down the View Menu, select "Text Size," and select a larger size. If you are using Netscape, pull down the View menu and choose the "Increase Font" option. Other Web browsers should have similar options. If you have trouble locating this option, please send an e-mail to webmaster@jhasin.com.

What is the best resolution and Web browser to use on this site?
The site should work with any resolution and any up-to-date Web browser. However, it will look best and be easiest to use if you use a resolution of at least 1024x768 and a recent version of Internet Explorer (6.0 or above).

Is my information private?
We take privacy information very seriously. Please read our privacy statement for detailed information. Because we do not use the social security number in the online system, we rely upon your email address and your state of residence to identify you.

How can I correct mistakes in my personal information?
Please log in to your account and click on the "Update Information" button within the Account Information section. Once you submit changes, the information will be immediately available to the online system.

What if I forget the e-mail address and password I used?
You can retrieve your account information using the link below the login box (or click here). If you still have problems, send an e-mail to webmaster@jhasin.com.


What happens if I fail a quiz?
If a grade of 70% or better is not obtained, we encourage you to take the test again.

How do I print a certificate once I pass an online exam?
After passing an exam and completing the evaluation, you will have the opportunity to print your certificate immediately. Click on the "Generate Certificate" button. This will open a new window* containing your certificate. There are a few ways to send the certificate to your printer, at least one of which should work in your Web browser: (1) Choose “Print” from the File menu; (2) Press the printer icon on your browser toolbar; (3) Press Control-P.

* If the new window containing your certificate does not appear (pop-up), make sure that you do not have any pop-up blocking software activated. This will prevent it from appearing.

I just passed my CNE exam but cannot print my certificate.
If, after pressing the "Generate Certificate" button, an error message displays a Web code or an item other than your certificate, send an e-mail to webmaster@jhasin.com with your name, the name of the CNE activity, and the number of credit hours requested. We will then assist you in obtaining the certificate.

Will my mailed exams be listed in the "CNE History" on the Web site?
We will determine if you have an existing account. If there is an account available, we will submit your exam under that account. You will receive an e-mail stating whether you have passed or failed. If you pass, the credits and certificate will be available online immediately. If you fail the test, the e-mail will provide you with a link to retake the exam online. Also, please allow approximately 2–3 weeks for processing after you have mailed us a quiz. Online provides immediacy!

Can I see the course content online?
We provide PDF documents of the content for you to view or download.

What should I do if my question is not on this list?
Please contact us by e-mail at webmaster@jhasin.com.

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